Cabo da Roca in Portugal is the most Western spot of Europe, literally. A place where people meet unknown area’s, adventures to come, things to discover, stories to be revealed. A place where people discover unknown area’s, adventures to come, things to explore, stories to be revealed. A great place to start a creative journey, and of course a metaphor for pioneering and daring artwork leading to creative excellence (… and a great surfspot).
Our strongest belief is that creative excellence drives and delivers business results.
And this is where sonic branding comes in.
Cabo da Roca is a subsidiary of Cape Rock. Based on our experience as on screen brand designers, we see sound indissoluble connected to the final piece of artwork.
To be able to control our high expectations and to capture the emotion and feeling that sound ads, we eventually started to produce our own music and sound effects, thus enabling us to deliver sonic branding as part of the on-screen branding system.
Our music team consists of international top artists, producers, composers, sound designers and directors.
Our independent network organization enables us to continuously innovate and develop new and very diverse styles to find the right sound for your brand.
We deliver from start to end: music direction, sound searching, composing, sound design, voice over casting, (multi-language) voice over recording, mastering & delivering, account & project management.

Martijn Wolff
Head of Production
+31 (0)6 46 21 26 47
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